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CESI is a European trade union organization. It encompasses trade unions from the member states of the European Union and other European states.

Social Europe is slowly taking shape, with full employment remaining the priority aim. Without European initiatives and better coordination of national measures, it will not be possible to achieve further progress in social policy and win the fight against unemployment. Employees must therefore join forces to assert their interests at European level.

Europe is more than just the Member States of the Union, however. The enlargement of the EU marks the start of a new era. Europe’s cultural diversity and different traditions represent not only a challenge but also an enrichment. CESI supports the enlargement of the Union so that the preconditions for the development of the "European house" can be created.

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CESI is a confederation, an amalgamation of trade union organizations from different European countries. It was founded in 1990.

As a European trade union umbrella organization, the following organizations can belong to CESI as members:

· national individual and umbrella trade unions

· European umbrella trade unions

· European trade unions

At European level, CESI is a contact partner for the European institutions, particularly for the European Commission. It comments, above all, on social policy issues and, with the trade union work of its committees, contributes towards decision-making in European social and employment policy.

In cooperation with CESI’s educational institution, the "Europe Academy", the member trade unions are involved in the latest European developments. This promotes a European consciousness in the member organizations.

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CESI represents free and independent trade unions from the private and public sectors that adhere to democratic principles and defend the respect of human rights.

As an independent European trade union, CESI is not bound by any ideology or state power.

CESI fights for a strong, independent civil service and efficient public institutions serving the European citizen. It supports the continued existence and further development of an independent European civil service.

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A trade union is an expression of the workers’ solidarity and their common interests. Solidarity also includes those seeking work.


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