Coalition of Finnish Women’s Associations

  • founded in 1988
  • co-operation forum for women´s associations
  • works for the advancement of women, de facto gender equality and social justice
  • watchdog for women´s righs: monitors legislation, decision making and research
  • responds to political decision making and social issues from women´s point of view

The objectives of NYTKIS are to achieve equality between women and men, to end women´s discrimination and to promote realisation of human rights. NYTKIS brings together women´s associations from several key sectors of society, e.g. from the political and research sectors.

NYTKIS has, as its members, the women´s associations of all the political parties represented in Parliament, as well as three politically unaffiliated women´s associations.

NYTKIS member organisations:

  • The Association for Women´s Studies in Finland
  • Christian Democratic Women in Finland
  • The Feminist Association Unioni
  • Finnish Social Democratic Women
  • The Green Women´s Association
  • Left Women
  • The National Council of Women of Finland
  • The Women of True Finns
  • The Women´s League of the Coalition Party
  • The Women´s Organisation of the Centre Party
  • The Women´s Organisation of the Swedish People´s Party


The highest authority is vested in the biannual meetings of the association. The board, with representatives from all the NYTKIS member organisations, acts as the planning and executive body.

The Secretary General and the Coordinator implement the board´s decisions and organise the activities.

NYTKIS receives statutory funding from the Ministry of Education, and, from time to time, funding for specific projects.

Regional NYTKIS-committees advance equality at the local level.

Activities in Finland

  • participation in the Council for Equality
  • co-operation with various non-governmental organisations promoting women´s rights, human rights and international development co-operation
  • statements
  • publications
  • awareness raising, training and education
  • seminars and other such events
  • regional NYTKIS-committees

International activities

  • UN World Conferences
  • participation in the European Women´s Lobby (
  • participation in NOKS, the Nordic platform for women´s co-operation
  • co-operation with Baltic and Russian women´s associations

Contact details:

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FIN - 00120 Helsinki
Tel: +358 50 4696242
Email : tanja.auvinen(a)

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